What Is Knee Arthroscopy?


knee Arthroscopy:

This instrument enables the doctors to see the knee joint without making a large incision cut through the skin and the other soft tissues.
This although used to diagnose and treat many knee problems using a small camera into the knee joint which sends pictures to a video monitor for the surgeons to interpret.
The surgeon does a small incision than that used for open surgery.
This small incision decreases the pain, stiffness of the joint and shortness the time to recover and return back to normal activities.

The Structure Of The Knee Joint:
The knee joint consists of:


  • Articular cartilage covering the femur and the tibia. 
  • Synovium lining the knee joint. 
  • Meniscus act as shock absorbers between femur and tibia. 
  • Ligaments connecting bones together the knee has two collateral ligaments and two cruciate ligaments.

The common arthroscopic procedures of the knee:

  • Removal or repair of a torn meniscus.     
  • Reconstruction of a torn cruciate ligament. 
  • Removal of inflamed synovial tissue. 
  • Trimming of damaged articulate cartilage.
  • Removal of loose fragments of bone or cartilage.
  • Treatment of patella problems.
  • Knee sepsis.

Recovery Time: 

  • You can go home within 1-2 hours after surgery
  • Recovery from knee arthroscopy is faster than recovery from open knee surgery.
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