What Are Gynecological Surgeries?


Some Of The Common Operations That Gynecologists Perform Include:

1) Dilatation and curettage:

removal of the uterine contents for various reasons.

2) Hysterectomy:
removal of the uterus.

3) oophorectomy:
removal of the ovaries.

4) tubal ligation:
a type of permanent sterilization.

5) Hysteroscopy:
inspection of the uterus cavity.

6) Diagnostic laparoscopy:

  • diagnose and treat sources of pelvic and abdominal pain.
  • most famously to provide a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis.

7) surgical treatments for urinary incontinence:
including cystoscopy and suburethral slings.

8) surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse:
including correction of cystocele and rectocele.

9) cervical excision procedures including cryosurgery:
removing the surface of the cervix containing pre-cancerous cells which have been previously identified on pop smear.

10) vasinal plastic:
construction or reconstruction of the vasina.

  • to remove malignant growths or abscess or vasina .
  • correct cogenital defects to visna urethra and rectum.
  • correct uterine and vasinal prolapse.
  • repair vasina and its structures due to trauma.
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