How Normal Delivery Of Baby Is Done?



It is concerned with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.

The obstetric section includes:

  • labor and delivery.
  • The medical problem in pregnancy.
  • obstetrical complications.
  • reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Procedures of normal labour:

  • vasinal delivery consists of shortening and opening of the cervix.
  • descent and the birth of the baby pushing out of the placenta.

Time of different stages of vaginal delivery:

  • the 1st stage: starts by crampy abdominal or back pain; Every cramp takes from half minute and recurrent every from 10 to 30 minutes,  then it becomes stronger and closer in time.
  • the 2nd stage: consists of pushing with contractions.
  • the 3rd stage:  consists of delivery of the placenta and cramping of the umbilical cord.

Most babies are born with head first and 4% born with the feet and buttock first (breech).

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