Urology Surgeries in Thailand

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  • Operating and recovery room charges, medical supplies and drugs prescribed for the surgery, surgical team and anesthesiologist fees directly related to the procedure.
  • Hospital in-patient services: standard room and board only, including medical and nursing fees, other medical facilities and devices, medical supplies, and drugs prescribed by doctors as per the procedure. Extra charges apply in cases of room or time changes requested by the patient.
  • Intensive or intermediate care unit (for the disease being treated only).
  • Home medications.
  • Costs incurred before and after valid period of the plan.
  • Specialist’s consultation fees (if any).
  • Extra medical expenses necessary for the patient’s specific pre-existing conditions and other costs related to non-covered surgical treatment, eg, medical supplies and consumables, prosthesis, implants, appliances and orthotic devices, laboratory and tests, radiological diagnostics, etc, are the patient’s responsibility after the promotional discount (if any).
  • Histopathological examination.
Urology Surgeries in Thailand:
Length of Stay
1 TUR-P 3 4,056 146,000
2 Ureterorenoscope with Double J Stent (URS) 1 3,639 131,000
3 TUR-BT 2 4,208 151,500
4 Varicocelectomy 1 side 1 3,083 111,000
5 Vasectomy LA OPD case (ทำที่ OR) - 681 24,500
6 Circumcision LA OPD case (ทำที่ OR) - 708 25,500
7 Hydrocelectomy 1 side 1 3,139 113,000
8 TUR-P with Plasma Kinetic 3 5,056 182,000
9 TUR-P with Thulium Laser 3 6,167 222,000
10 Flexible Cystoscope (OPD case) - 444 16,000
11 Flexible Cystoscope with Biopsy (OPD case) - 778 28,000
12 Flexible Cystoscope off J stent (OPD case) - 694 25,000
13 Simple Stone with Shock Wave under Moderate Sedation (OPD case) - 1,778 64,000
14 Complex Stone with Shock Wave under Moderate Sedation (OPD case) - 2,111 76,000
15 Simple Stone with Shock Wave under Deep Intervenous Sedation (OPD case) - 2,333 84,000
16 Complex Stone with Shock Wave under Deep Intervenous Sedation (OPD case) - 2,639 95,000
17 Retreatment Shock Wave under Moderate Sedation (OPD case) - 556 20,000
18 Retreatment Shock Wave under Deep Intervenous Sedation (OPD case) - 861 31,000 
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