Eye Surgeries in Thailand

Memphis Tours helps you to Get effective medical treatment in Thailand which is a very popular destination in Eye Surgeries with high quality services, professional surgeons, advanced technology and affordable cots. Get Quote!
  • Operating and recovery room charges, medical supplies and drugs prescribed for the surgery, surgical team and anesthesiologist fees directly related to the procedure.
  • Hospital in-patient services: standard room and board only, including medical and nursing fees, other medical facilities and devices,
  • medical supplies, and drugs prescribed by doctors as per the procedure. Extra charges apply in cases of room or time changes requested by the patient.
  • Intensive or intermediate care unit (for the disease being treated only).
  • Home medications.
  • Costs incurred before and after valid period of the plan.
  • Specialist’s consultation fees (if any).
  • Extra medical expenses necessary for the patient’s specific pre-existing conditions and other costs related to non-covered surgical treatment, eg, medical supplies and consumables, prosthesis, implants, appliances and orthotic devices, laboratory and tests, radiological diagnostics, etc, are the patient’s responsibility after the promotional discount (if any).
  • Histopathological examination.
Eye Surgeries in Thailand:
LOS Nights
1 Cornea Transplant (1 eye) GA LOS 1 night 1 5,500 198,000
2 Phaco Monofocal Len 1 eye LA OPD case 0 1,750 63,000
4 Phaco Multifocal Lens 1 eye LA OPD case 0 3,047 109,700
6 Excision Ptergium with graft 1 eye LA OPD case 0 875 31,500
7 Entropion correction 2 eyes Upper OR Lower LA OPD case 0 1,181 42,500
8 Entropion correction 2 eyes Upper AND Lower LA OPD case 0 1,319 47,500
9 Entropion correction 2 eyes Upper OR Lower with CO2 Laser LA OPD case 0 1,597 57,500
10 Entropion correction 2 eyes Upper AND Lower with CO2 Laser LA OPD case 0 2,111 76,000
11 Muscle correction 1 eye LA OPD case 0 1,319 47,500
12 Muscle correction 2 eyes LA OPD case 0 1,597 57,500
13 ICL 1 eye Sphere 0 3,194 115,000
14 ICL 1 eye Sphere with Cilynder ( Toric ICL) 0 3,931 141,500
15 Trabeculectomy with MMC 1 eye LA 0 1,306 47,000
16 Endoscopic Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) 1 eye GA LOS 1 night 1 2,583 93,000
17 Endoscopic Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) 2 eyes GA LOS 1 night 1 3,694 133,000
18 PPV with Endolaser 1 eye LA OPD case 0 4,458 160,500
19 Buckling and Encycling 1 eye GA LOS 1 night 1 5,444 196,000 

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