Thailand Healthcare Packages

A person’s health is one of the most important things in life and as such Memphis Tours seeks to provide individuals with the best advice and arrangements necessary from start to finish of having any medical procedures done. With our partners, we make the hassle of preparing for such a trip easier. Our List of comprehensive procedures provides you with hospital stay days and prices.

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Plastic Surgeries

Reconstructive plastic surgery aims to improve or restore the functional anatomy. however, it may also embrace trying to come close or be similar to a natural appearance.
Memphis Tours Packages for plastic surgeries are at affordable prices. High-quality healthcare services in accredited Hospitals (Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and Piyavat Hospital). Send your request now! 

Breast Cancer Treatments in Thailand

Most common Breast Cancer Treatments in thailand and Medical Procedures: Diagnostics, Core Needle Biopsy, Hormonal & Radiation Treatments, etc. Send Your Request Now!

General Surgeries in Thailand

Packages for General Surgeries that include abdominal contents; Stomach, Colon, Gallbladder, Pancreas, etc. Undergo a surgery with specialist surgeons at best hospitals in Thailand. Inquire Now!

Heart Surgeries in Thailand

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) Heart Surgery and others. Highly trained heart surgeons and best medical care. All packages include the medical supplies and hospitalization, besides other things. Send Your Request Now! 

Orthopedic Surgeries in Thailand

Get your Orthopedics Surgery in Thailand with best Orthopedic Surgeons and prices. As well as the latest technologies and procedures, all staff is licensed and accredited, Send Your Request! And Get Rid of Your Bones Pain!

Back and Neck Surgery, Spine Surgeries

Are you looking for spine Surgery Costs in Thailand! Memphis Tours helps many patients to obtain the treatment or Spine Surgery in accredited and specialized hospitals in Thailand. Inquire Now!

Obstetrics (Delivery) | Childbirth Procedures

Memphis Tours offers women affordable costs of Obstetric (Delivery) Medical Procedures in Thailand that has two majors which are Cesarean Section and Normal Labour which are done in the best hospitals in Thailand. Send Your Inquiry to Get More Info!

Gynecology, surgeries and medical procedures

We help you to do Gynecology Surgery with professional surgeons to get high-quality health care services in pioneer hospitals in Thailand. Send Your Inquiry to Get More Information!

Neuro Surgeries | Deep Brain Stimulation In Thailand

Memphis Tours offers you Deep Brain Stimulation in Thailand with professional surgeons in the best hospitals in Bangkok. Get Your Quote Now!

Knee Replacement in Thailand | Hip Replacement in Thailand

There are many causes of knee and Hip Injuries, including overuse and repetitive activity that leads to problems in or around the structures of the knee or Hip bones.
Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement most commonly performed in active people, get your Knee replacement or hip replacement surgery in Thailand, Send Your request now ! and Get rid of your Continous pains! 

Eye Surgeries in Thailand

Get your Laser Eye Surgery in Thailand and other types of Eye Surgeries with Memphis Tours and get your eyes feel fairly normal the day after the Lasik surgery. Send Your Request Now!

Chest Diagnostics in Thailand

EBUS Diagnose in Chest Diagnostics helping identify inflammatory diseases that affect lungs diagnosing and staging lung cancer.
Through a technique known as transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) to obtain tissue or fluid samples from the lungs and surrounding lymph nodes without conventional surgery. Send Your Request Now!

Gastroscopy procedures in Thailand

Memphis Tours helps you to Get high-quality Gastroscopy Surgeries in Thailand which are done by certified surgeons to examine the swallowing tube, stomach and first part of the small intestine. Send Your Request Now!

Balloon Sinuplasty Surgeries in Thailand

Because of its safety and efficiency Balloon Sinuplasty was most of patient's option to get off their Chronic sinusitis

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty:

Fast Recovery

Balloon Sinuplasty being performed with no cutting of nasal bone or tissue.

Balloon Sinuplasty Could be performed through by Nose, ear, and throat.

Safe & Less Invasive

Now you can give up the sinus pain with Memphis Tours who offers you wide range hospitals for Balloon Sinuplasty Surgeries in Thailand with high-quality services. Send Your Request!

Vascular Procedures in Thailand

Vascular catheter A thin flexible plastic tube that is inserted into your vein and remains there for repeated access to the vein. The catheter allows easy access to a patient’s bloodstream for medical uses.

Memphis Tours offers you affordable Vascular Surgery Costs in Thailand to Get Vascular Surgery with specialists and certified surgeons in Thailand that perform a full range of Vascular procedures. Send your request !

Urology Surgeries in Thailand

The Most Common urological conditions include:

Bladder proplase, Enlarged prostate, Kidney and ureteral stones and all prostate disease.

Memphis Tours offers you affordable costs, pioneer hospitals, advanced technology and professional surgeons for Urology Surgeries in Thailand to get satisfied medical treatment. Send Your Request!