Piyavate Hospital Bangkok


Piyavate Hospital was established in 1993, is one of Bangkok’s pioneer hospitals where provide private medical facilities to Thai and international patients from all over the world.
Is located in west-central Bangkok, it has a modern 27 story building, private in-patient rooms, Islamic prayer room, banquet room, restaurant for both
Thai and other International dishes, flower shop and an adjacent 7-Eleven shop, a new Au Bon Pain café.
It had a license by the Royal Thai Government’s Ministry of Public Health, ISO 9001:2008 certified and staffed by American Board Certified physicians many of whom also teach at medical schools, registered nurses, teams of specialists and international coordinating staff, and supported by state of the art technology. 
Hospital Services:
The hospital assists international patients who come from all over the world to get a high-quality service. They offer:
  •  International Medical Coordination Center (IMCC)
  •  Arab Medical Center (AMC)
  •  Interpreter Services
  •  Worldwide insurance claim assistance
  •  Medical consultation via e-mail at IMCC
  •  Airport and immigration (visa) services
  •  Liaison with embassies
  •  Hotel booking & airline ticket services
  •  24 hours service
  •  Free pickup and ambulance services to/from airport/hospital
Hospital specialties:
Piyavate Hospital provides consultation services as well as preventive and rehabilitative care in all fields of medicine at specialized centers. It’s center include:
  •  Bone and Joint Institute
  •  Neuroscience Center
  •  Perfect Heart Institute
  •  Oncology and Gene Therapy Center
  •  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic incl. IVF
  •  Diabetic Foot Center and Podiatry  
  •  Rehabilitation Center 
  •  Advanced Dental Institute
  •  TRIA Integrative Medical Institute
 The most popular treatments:
  •  Spinal disorders by standards and MIS techniques
  •  Joint disorders (knee, shoulder, hip, and wrist)
  •  Muscular and tendon disorders 
  •  Fractures and dislocations
  •  Physical structural abnormalities in both children and adults 
  •  Age-related physical deterioration
  •  Muscular pain and injury
  •  Arthroscopic surgery (knee, shoulder, wrist, and ankle)
  •  Prosthetic surgery (knee, shoulder, and hip)
  •  Surgical treatment of bone tumors
  •  Consultative services and specialist examination and treatment
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