Risks of Indian Medical Tourism


What are risks of Medical Tourism!
Although medical tourism has several benefits, there are risk factors that need to be considered by patients. These risks may belong to the changeable procedures and regulations in every country.

Several people from the first world countries such as Europe, United States and Japan are travelling to poorer destinations such as Thailand, India and Mexico doing a lot of surgeries in order to avoid expensive prices and services in other destinations.
Low prices in these countries are not relate to bad services, but it relate to decreasing salaries of employment, So healthcare in these countries is no different with other countries.
The patient must ask an important question: What are risks of medical tourism!!
  • Patients who travel abroad for medical treatment risk returning with complications or infections that require costly treatment, costly both on a personal and societal level.
  • If you don’t know the language of the other country, You may not be able to communicate your health issues or ask for help if something goes wrong, even with the help of an interpreter, So it’s a higher risk.
  • Infections may occur for several reasons, including unsanitary practices and facilities or the equipment used during surgeries may not be sterile.
Be safe!
Because we care about your health we offer you accredited hospitals with higher services, well trained doctors and nurses, all languages needed and reasonable costs.
Before making a decision to travel to any country you should be aware of:
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of going abroad?
  • What are risks you may face?
  • Where are the accredited hospitals?
  • What are procedures and law regulations belong to the country?
  • What if there are complications?
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